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Graduating from graduate school

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May. 10th, 2010 | 08:12 pm

Wow, dude, I'm done. It's so anticlimactic. Maybe it's because school was the escape for me and it did me well for two years. Yeah, I've racked up wicked debt by not working full time for two years, but it was worth it to just take a brain break. I've had people come and go - friends, one boyfriend, acquaintances - and it's been an interesting couple of years. Still a floater though.

Went to soCal last week for Becca's wedding. My oldest friend is now happily married and I'm still riding her high. It was weird though. I landed in Orange County and was like, Hey, I'm home. California, any part of it, still feels like home. I show up and the people are... I just know them, you know? San Jose, Santa Ana, doesn't matter. Even if the areas are vastly different (I'm a norCal girl, after all), it's still home.

And then when I flew back to North Carolina, it was this weird feeling like I'm only visiting. Granted, that could be because in a few short weeks I'm moving back to Orlando and I can't wait. Not that I want to run away from the people who have been my life for a year or more, but this isn't home. I needed it for two years and now I'm out.

It's just so strange to be done though. I'm done with my master's degree and now it's back to the real world. I'm waiting for a rejection from Lockheed though. As much as I want that job I interviewed for, I find it easier to believe I won't get it. However, I'm hesitant to apply for more jobs until I hear the official word. Hopefully this week, but we'll see.

Dude, I'm done. All projects are uploaded, all evaluations are completed. Now I'm just floating until I leave. Here's to graduation on Friday. Here's also to hoping I don't get too lazy and fail to work at all over the next few weeks. That's the downfall to substitute teaching. Since I make my own schedule, I find myself just not working. Today I had a reason - I needed to finish that final project. Well, now that's done... :D

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from: katblaze
date: May. 13th, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)

Soak it in and enjoy, you deserve it!

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