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Jun. 21st, 2010 | 01:49 pm

Josh: "So who went with you to the ballet?"
Amy: "This guy I've been seeing."
Josh: "And he likes the ballet."
Amy: "He likes me."

That about sums it up. The West Wing about sums up everything I believe in life, love, and happiness. Oh show, why did you get all weird your last three seasons? Wait, I know why - Sorkin left. Oh Sorkin, why did you leave and let this show flounder a bit until it ended?

Oh Hannah, why aren't you still alive since you were the only person I could discuss the show with? :P

And seriously, I'm convinced The West Wing in reverse is our current administration. Start with S6-7 and go backwards and you'll find the issues. The 'brown' candidate, the oil spill, health care reform, etc. It's rather creepy.

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