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Aug. 8th, 2010 | 02:23 pm

I was approached at church today by our worship leader and asked to step back in and return as head of our audio team. There would be no weeknights involved like before, there is a rotating team and I would only work the service once a month, and my main role would be supervisory. I would be responsible for monitoring the schedule, designating tasks when things pop up, ensuring training actually happens, heading up a couple of projects coming up since we're in the chapel permanently...

I really got to pray about this. I burned out of the job after 5 years, but almost everything that burned me out is not part of the gig anymore. I'm sure I could work with Diane more comfortably this time around since she's been learning more about the sound system and now understands better what we can and cannot do. Yeah, I really need God to smack me in one direction or the other on this.

Diane said she really needed someone who knew the system, the church, and how to work with people. I guess part of the major issues with this team thing the last couple of years has been that there is no one to confront others on mistakes or laziness or theft (yes, theft). So part of why Diane wants me back as head is that I have no problem walking up to someone and saying, "That sucked. What happened and why'd you let it happen?"

I just don't know. I was head for five years. Got a new digital recording system in place (and a computer to make that happen), trained a couple of awesome assistants, worked to rewire the system in the main building, and used funds to purchase much-needed mics for our type of service - our layout requires creativity. I come back to find out that a new wireless system had been purchased because the old one had dead zones. Umm... the 'old one' is a wireless system I purchased in my time as head and there were no dead zones in the sanctuary before I stepped down three years ago. I haven't had a chance to really look into it, but I guess the new purchase also had dead zones. It could be any number of things - monitor interference, antenna issues, battery connection, board connection, anything. It frustrates me to know none of this was checked before they up and bought a new wireless. But again, they have no head currently, so I don't know whose decision it was to purchase new system.

I just don't know. I really did enjoy doing audio when I wasn't pissed off at Diane. It was a lot of work back then though; involved some really long hours that are apparently no longer part of the equation. I already told one of the guys that I would definitely assist in installing a new snake and the bigger mix board in the chapel (I think he said there was some rewiring involved too, but I'm not sure). I just don't know if I want to step back in as the head of this chaos. If I do, there are going to be some ground rules that I'm not sure others will want to play by. Am I really wanting to get back into that fight?

This is going to be a long week of prayer for sure...

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