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To an older gentleman posting a comment on a news article...

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Dec. 8th, 2010 | 06:17 pm

(I posted this a while ago, but I found it again recently by signing in to an old account. This is to all who think my generation sucks balls.)

My father has called me naive before because apparently, as a 27-year-old college graduate with an excellent job with a military contractor, I am unable to read across bias and make my own decisions.

Please do not refer to us as stupid simply because we do not agree with your stance on anything. While I do not agree with the issue of mandatory health care, I am all for a public option outside of Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I look forward to the immigration debate heating up (though I'm a firm believer that immigration is not the issue; non-reporting employers and that whole federal mandate about having to educate anyone to approach a public school are really cramping our style in managing legal status in this country).

I tire of being called socialist, communist, and fascist all at once. Your generation lived through all three of those scares; surely you can tell the vast political differences in them. My generation is certainly not against capitalism. I don't like seeing almost a quarter of my paycheck gone to taxes. But hey, I'm supporting your social security and Medicare that will not be available when I reach retirement (hence my retirement account and private savings account now).

Try going after issues and not me or my generation. Go after welfare - it's not the illegal immigrants eating our welfare. Go after public education - it's the No Child Left Behind Act killing our good teachers. Go after fair taxes - I don't want to pay for everyone else either. Go after this confusing war if you think we're accomplishing anything. Go after gay marriage if you think it's going to ruin this country (because divorce isn't common amongst straights or anything).

Oh, and might I point out that your generation is who raised my generation?

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